my every thankful heartMy Ever-Thankful Heart

Cloudy or not, it's another gorgeous day in Rehoboth Beach, DE. As I walked my dog Piper this morning, my heart overflowed with gratitude. I'm grateful that we were able to move here, and that I have the ocean within walking or driving distance. I'm grateful for new friends, new places to eat, new places to walk and to discover. I'm grateful for my husband, my sons, my grandchildren, the dogwood and tulip trees
budding all around me. I'm grateful for the CDs I have made and I've wanted to find new ways to share them with the world. Now my website is up and running; I know my songs help people so I'm grateful to be able to help even more now. And so I'm wondering about the world around me today. So many people seem angry, dissatisfied, annoyed, even vengeful. I wonder what THEY are grateful for.